pushing buttons & pouring soap

the title of this post pretty much sums up how the week has been going.  i'm sure that i've accomplished many other things, but today is friday, and i find myself feeling like that is all i have done, push the buttons on the washing machine and added some soap.

i look around the house on this gloomy friday and see a ton of things that i should be doing, but not feeling that i really want to do any of them.  bathrooms need to be cleaned, dishwasher needs to be unloaded and loaded back up again, dust is multiplying before my eyes, floors need mopping or at least sweeping, and the list just goes on...

do you ever have days or even weeks like this?  seems like i have been feeling this way all week long.  little A has been sick since sunday and not really getting any better, so a trip to urgent care with all four children in tow will be happening later this afternoon/evening.  there is a womens event tonight at church that i would love to attend, but i don't really see that happening.  my hard-working husband has worked so much this week that i'm not sure if we've said more that 10 words to each other each day.  i'm not complaining about the job, but i don't really like weeks when the deadlines just keep coming and he doesn't really have a choice.  all we've really done this week is a target run and getting the boys to and from school.

it seems like weeks such as these have me feeling a bit down.  wondering what in world i am doing, and if anything i am doing really matters at all.  if often seems like i look around and everyone else is doing something, like they all have their thing, even the moms with young ones.  then i look at myself and think hmm, what's my thing, i don't have a thing, why can't i just have my thing that i do? do you understand what i'm saying?  deep down i know that my role as wife and momma to these four precious children of mine is important, but i think that we all have times when we feel like this.

well, the sick one is waking up from a nap, so i must go.  hoping to get something done today, one of things that i listed above, something other than pushing buttons and pouring soap, really i am.  but, i guess if all i did this week was push buttons and pour soap, at least we have clean clothes to wear.


road trip

our little family of six went on a road trip during Thanksgiving week, our destination was Austin, TX.  round trip we went a little over 3,100 miles in seven days.  that's a lot of miles for anyone, especially when you have four kids aged 10 months to seven years.  to our surprise, the kids actually great most of the time {thank you dvd player for your help at times}.

lake austin from Mount Bonnell
our family was able to visit with some friends that we haven't seen in a ver long time.  our friends have two children of their own.  all of the children warmed up to eachother fairly easily and ended up having a fun time together.  the S family also had us over for Thanksgiving.  it was so nice to visit and just spend time with someone we knew while we were out of town.
the S family introduced us to The Salt Lick.  as you can see, it was just plain awesome!
this Thanksgiving also marked the Mr and I being married for nine years.  nine years filled with many changes, ups and downs, highs and lows, everything in between...i wouldn't want to share my life, or build a family with anyone else.

it was fun visiting a new place, getting out of our normal routine, and all that comes with a little vacation.  and yes, it was hard getting back into that routine that i love so much.

here i go again

many of you are familiar with my other blog, i will now refer to it as my "old" blog.  well, i haven't been much into blogging since Little A was born, as you can see if you view the "old" blog.  the last time i checked in there i was about to become a momma of four.  things were a little easier, a little simpler.  there seemed to be more time in the day.  the list of what life used to be like goes on...

but here i find myself almost a year later, a momma of four wonderful children, wanting to start up something new, something fresh, a new place to share what's going on here in life as we tredge on day to day.

bear with me please, i know that my blog entries will be spotty at times.  i pray that you will enjoy them when they do come, that they may encourage you, make you laugh, or even give you that feeling of ok-i'm-not-the-only-one-who-feels-like-that!

so, here goes the "new" blog.  and yes, comments are always welcome!