my girl, she's a smart one {& rlw}

while on a walk today, our sweet Laine was "reading" a book.  she thought it was a bible, since when we do read it it talks about God, but it happened to be a kids Veggie Tales devotional book that we've had for some time, and boy does it look like we've had it for years!  anyways, as i'm enjoying the downhill part of the walk I hear Laine reading as she's riding along in the stroller.

"it's good to love your children, and Jesus, and God."

yep, she's a smart one.  kids keep things simple, at least at her age.  what a wonderful reminder that one was for me today.  the only other thing i'd add to her list is my husband.  and by loving those listed you will love others as well. 

now, on to real life wednesday...

finally getting back into the routine of walking again.  i started this about 3-4 weeks ago, trying to walk three to four times a week.  well, that went really well on week one and two, then came week 3 and four...stomach flu for two kids, plus going away for a couple days to be with my family for some family business, on top of other things i'm sure.  so, i did walk number two today.  we drove to a hilly park not far from where we live.  the sun is shining here today and it's about 82 degrees outside.  needless to say, it was so nice to get outside and walk, talk to the girls, and just plain get out of the house!

i guess that's not too much of a rlw post...but there you have it, just keepin' it real around here, that's simple all i've got today!

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Spence Ohana said...

Laine is too cute!