this girl

this sweet little girl is up and walking.  i love this little one, so much.  she is my baby.  i never understood the whole "this is my baby" thing until she came into our lives.  now that i know we are not having any more little ones, not going to do the baby stage again, i feel that i understand that whole my baby mentality.

so, here we are at just two days shy of 15 months and she is up and moving.  at first it was six steps in our bedroom this morning.  i was so excited to see this that i yelled to the others and everyone came running into our bedroom, my husband with shaving cream still on his face.  then it was seven steps toward daddy.  we went to grandmas house for dinner and she was walking all over the place, every time with a huge smile on her adorable little face.

and there we have it, another milestone and first for Averie, and another last for us as parents. 

how very bittersweet it is.

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Spence Ohana said...

Averie looks a lot like Jason in this photo! Yay for milestones!!!