real life wednesday

a pretty routine day in the household, but here are some highlights...

"stop shooting your sister with the comb" came out of my mouth this morning while trying to keep the herd on track to get out the door on time...we ended up being a little later than i like, but we made it to school in time.

the 13 month old finds dried food on the kitchen floor like none other, really she does.  i have a feeling she is going to love crunchy food and beef jerky.  i had just cleaned the floor, but still managed to swipe out her mouth too many times to count.

tried having a short conversation with a friend at the boys school today, when the recently potty-trained child tells me she needs to go potty.  i tell her to hold it and we'll get going in a minute.  then she tells me she already went.  oh well.  i guess i could have stayed and talked longer, but we left anyways.

found it pretty cute when i went to open the door to the girls room to lay the 13 month old back down for naptime because she was definitely standing up and trying to get her older sister to play with her, when she saw me and dove down into her crib with a smile on her face.  she obviously knew it was naptime and not playtime.

i'm sure there are more, but none are coming to mind.  i do love these four things that just remind me of the stage i am in right now, and give me four more reasons to love it all the more.

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Spence Ohana said...

We always seem to be running out the door late to school. Never fails. Luckily school is 1/2 mile away...usually they get there on time. I think they only have 2-3 tardy notes this school year. :)