not a baby anymore

we are officially out of the baby stage at this point.  a part of me has been looking forward to this day, but then a huge part of me is already missing the baby stage, the tiny little person stage, the figuring it all out stage, the just-let-them-be-little stage.

our little Averie turned one yesterday.  a few tears fell from my eyes the night before her birthday as i went in to check on her before i went to bed.  i have a very huge sentimental side that likes to remember dates and my mind takes me back to those places and times.  as i brushed her face as she was sleeping there soundly in her crib i was taken back to the night of being in labor with her.  it was a cold january night, my water broke at 10:30ish like i had wanted it to (it took four pregnancies to experience that one), contractions were coming like crazy, my husband rushed me to the hospital.  i remember looking at the clock in our car on the way to the hospital and the time either read 11:04pm or 11:06pm, oh how i wish i could remember for sure.  the nurses and my doctor were great that night.  they got me in a room right away, prepped me for a c-section (this was my fourth, the only way i know birth), and at six minutes past midnight Averie was born, a small 4 pounds 10 ounces.  all of these thoughts rushed through my mind as i watched her sleep on the eve of her first birthday, the eve of the end of my baby-mothering years.

Averie had a fun birthday, not that she even knew it was milestone yesterday. 

this weekend we will celebrate this sweet girls first birthday with a few family members and some great friends. 

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