what's going on here

it has been a while since i posted last, so let me update y'all on what's been going on around here...

my last post was filled with meals that i made from Pinterest.  well, i'm keeping up with making more Pinterest found meals.  i'm going to share just one with you today.  this is an extremely easy and oh-so-good recipe that my kids really like and my husband loved.  it also helps that it's served over white rice, which is a comfort food for my husband who grew up on rice.  so yes, i will be making this one again.  and it might just find itself being made quite often right now because our oldest, Tanner is playing baseball this season.  if you aren't into baseball at your house, it means three times a week that we are out of the house for baseball, two of which we get home right at dinner time.  so, my crock pot has been going quite a lot lately.  i'm so very thankful for that thing, really i am!  if you don't have one, please go get one, they are a lifesaver sometimes, really they are!

here is what i made: Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli Over Rice.  let me just say that i know the photo that goes along with this recipe isn't all that appealing, but i promise the recipe is a good one!

as i mentioned above, Tanner is playing baseball.  this sport really keeps me busy during the week, but our son loves it and we are so happy to see him enjoying something that he loves.  i will definitely post pictures after the season starts!

over the weekend my wonderful husband took the older three kids on a one-night camping trip to the high desert with a few friends.  can i just say that he is the best?!  the kids loved it.  dirt, rocks...what could be better?!  while they were gone i had my "kick-off" party here at my house for the new little hobby that i am doing.  if you don't know what i am talking about and you are interested in finding out, please ask!  a few dear friends and my mom showed up, i am so thankful for them!

and then here we are and it's already thursday!  i missed real life wednesday, again...such is life i guess, sorry about that!  one real life moment from today though...i made a second pot of coffee today, sometimes you just need to!

one more thing that i would like to share is a link to a blog that i really do enjoy following, finding joy.  today's post is a good one to read as a parent, not just to try and instill these things in my children, but really for myself as well.  if you read it i hope that it is a blessing to you!

i will end with a picture of my beautiful daughter that i took this morning.  oh how i am blessed to be here momma!

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