over here {real life wednesday}

it has been three weeks since i posted last.  time really does fly by it seems!  i'm not quite sure what has been happening here in our neck of the woods for the past three weeks, but i'll try to catch y'all up...

it feels like my life right now revolves around baseball for out oldest son.  in reality, it's only three times a week...but place that on top of an already busy schedule and it feels at times like it's just too much for one person to do.  the Mr. tries to make it to part of one game during the week, and of course he is there on Saturday though...so it's not all me, all of the time, thankfully!  as far as baseball goes, The Tigers are doing well.  they have made much improvement since the season started.  they are also really enjoying it, and that really is all that matters, especially at this age. 

two weeks ago Jason came down with ear infections, again.  we have an appointment next month for a consultation with a specialist to talk about tubes for his ears.  it seems that his Eustachian tubes just aren't draining properly.  this is ear infection round three in less than two months.  this last one was painful, which they are not always.  i am open to hearing from the specialist about tubes as i feel like that might be really helpful at this point.

that weekend my mom took all four kiddos for the night, so we went out on a date.  this was the first time that Little A spent the night anywhere away from us.  i will admit that i was nervous for her, so funny because i really am not that type of mom most of the time.  she did great and only cried for a few minutes when it was her bedtime...awesome!  the Mr. and i went out for barbecue and wouldn't you know we were so wild and crazy that night that we were in bed before 10pm...woo-hoo!

last week i was flying solo as my husband had to go to Washington DC for work.  he was only gone for four days, but those were long days.  we were all so happy to have him back home!  he kept taking pictures of himself at monuments and restaurants during the week and sending them our way.  it was really fun to follow what he was doing and to actually see the places as well.  here is a picture of him in front of the Washington Monument.

it was nice to get back to our normal crazy family life when he returned, so thankful for that!

Sunday was a beautiful, warm day here.  we were chatting with some friends after church on Sunday when my husband took this adorable picture of our girls.  i just have to add it to this post.

so, that brings us to today.  Jason has had the stomach flu since Monday night and it doesn't seem like he is getting any better.  well, maybe a tiny bit, but really not that much...poor guy.  he doesn't even want to stand or walk around the house because his stomach feels so bad.  on a happier note, i am making a new recipe for dinner tonight.  yay, i love trying new recipes!  this looked so good when i got everything into the crock pot that i had to snap a picture.  so here you go.  i will add a link to the recipe as well.

Chicken Enchilada Slow Cooker Soup

(my attempt at a Pioneer Woman-ish type of food photo)

okay, that's it.  happy real life wednesday to ya!

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Spence Ohana said...

When James wanted to do baseball this Spring I too was a little overwhelmed with the thought of multiple practices during the week and game on Saturday...we got out of that this Spring with soccer and only 1 practice per week. Soon enough though I'm sure we'll add those busy sports schedules.

How fun you got a date night! Was the bbq as good as Salt Lick?

Very cool Mark went to DC!

That recipe sounds yummy, did you like it?