i'm not good with titles, so i will just write

do you ever feel like you put yourself out there, only to be rejected or ignored? 

i've been dealing with these types of feeling for quite some time now in different areas of my life, and let me tell you, it doesn't always feel good.  i mean, who likes to be rejected or feel like they are being ignored.  in times like these i must remind myself that Jesus walked on this earth and went through the same thing, only his rejection and hurt was much more than i will ever know.  i'm praying that the Lord will use these hurts to help someone else somewhere down the road.

on another note, a dear lady and friend of mine gave me a very nice complement this past sunday at church.  i look up to and admire this woman, so to hear something like that from her was so nice and refreshing.  it was just what i needed to hear.  my husband complements me often and always has something nice to say to me, but to hear something nice from someone else just feels good.  her compliment was nice to hear because it also gave me a bit of reassurance about something, about an area where i don't feel that confident in myself.  to this dear friend, thank you.

i have been reminded these past weeks to pray for those around me.  it seems that there is a lot going on with family and friends, which is helping me to focus on others and to lift them up prayer.  whether it is illness, a time of trial, or just a time of unknown for my friends and family, i am grateful to be able to come alongside them in these journeys.

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Spence Ohana said...

Friend, I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing you intimate feelings...you're not along in these areas. And I value your insight.